In order to better serve the needs of users and do a good job in guiding the use of timely after-sales service, our company adheres to the spirit of "all pursuit of high quality, high quality, and customer satisfaction". Based on the principle of "attentive service and reliable product quality", we make the following commitments to users:


Ⅰ. Product Quality Commitment

    1. The manufacture and testing of the products conform to national standards.

    2. The product is tested by professional testing personnel to ensure that the various indicators of the product meet the requirements of the user.

    3. If the products provided by our company have quality problems during the warranty period, our company is willing to take all responsibilities.


Ⅱ. Delivery time commitment

Our company ensures that the products provided are delivered to the designated place according to the time required by the customer. If you have special requirements and need to be completed in advance, you can negotiate with our company to ensure that the needs of the user are met in time.


Ⅲ. Return and Exchange Commitment

If the goods provided by our company are found to have any problems (including appearance damage) after unpacking, our company will solve them in a way acceptable to users, repair and replace them in time and exchange for new products.


Ⅳ. Warranty

During the warranty period, if the same equipment and the same quality problem are repaired for three consecutive times and still cannot be used normally, our company promises to replace the new equipment of the same brand and model, and implement the "Three Guarantees" service for product quality. Outside the warranty period, we provide equipment replacement and maintenance.


Ⅴ. Establish a reasonable sales and service management system and system

    1. Pre-sales service. Set up a special sales and service organization, and the company will arrange relevant professionals to be responsible for the selection of products.

    2. In-sale service. In order to prevent unnecessary losses caused by improper use by users, the company will send relevant technical personnel to provide technical guidance to users during the use of the product. Make sure to use the product correctly to give users more peace of mind.

    3. After-sales service. Our company responds to maintenance services within 2 hours, and arrives at the site for maintenance within 24 hours. In order to do better after-sales service of products and receive feedback from users in a timely manner, the company has a special after-sales service phone number: 0411-84754622, with professionals Answer and record feedback in a timely manner, and provide solutions to problems. If there is a need for on-site guidance, the company will arrange relevant professionals to provide timely guidance at the designated location within 24 hours.